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Gatsby's Pizza & Pub was established in 1973 by Bill Roscoe. He purchased interior pieces on 55th & Halsted in Chicago and brought that old town look to Arlington Heights. It has been a neighborhood “cheers” bar ever since.


In 1991 the current owners George Callas and John Katsiambis bought Gatsby's. They gave it a fresh remodel all while keeping the classic look and feel of the place. George and John have done many face lifts to the interior and exterior of the building over the years to evolve with the changing community.


The community has had many changes over the years with the growth of population and businesses. Original customers have become adults and their children are now customers. Gatsby's has found its own unique way of incorporating the new with the old, including the addition of 80 plasma TV's for everyones viewing pleasure. One thing remains the same: it still has that wonderful nostalgic look and feel dating back to almost 40 years ago.

George Callas and John Katsiambis
George Callas and John Katsiambis




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